Leasing - A Preferred Choice

Go for a Better Car
Low monthly lease rental due to market based residual value benefit passed upfront. Entire lease rentals paid by corporate customers can be claimed as expense providing a tax efficient fleet usage model. With Avis, clients get the advantage of better commercials.

No Capital Expenditure
On taking vehicle on Operating Lease, there is no capital outflow towards the purchase of the vehicle. Avis makes the investment as per the corporate customer’s requirement.

Predictable Cash Flows
  • Zero down Payment towards Fleet acquisition.
  • Fixed monthly lease rental for the tenure
  • Risk on future market value at end of tenure with Avis

Reduced Administration
As the leased vehicle would be completely managed by Avis Lease Experts for the entire lease tenure, your time required to manage the fleet would be saved and can be utilized for your core Business.

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