Avis FleetPro - FAQs

1.What is FleetPro?

For vehicles and fleets owned and managed by the company itself, a customised solution through true outsourcing of all services to experts at Avis who have in-depth knowledge, experience, systems & processes and through their nationwide network of suppliers to deal with it all in the most effective manner 24X7.
Avis manages entire life cycle starting from vehicle purchase, all services post purchase of the vehicle that ensures seamless mobility for its user during its use and until after its disposal.

2. What Services are offered under FleetPro?

Acquisition: Selection of Vehicle best suited as per your needs, select the most preferred Dealer on the basis of its service quality, prompt response and customer focussed. Price negotiations with few dealers or even OEM's to get the best deal at that time, speedy handling of paperwork, registration documentation & related formalities, faster delivery right until the receipt for the RC and compliant Tax documentation.
Maintenance & Repair Services: Select workshop keeping user preference first and workshop service quality levels, proactively adhere to OEM specified schedule, service reminders, work coordination, supervision & its execution for the right jobs at the right costs done at right time and that too within predictable timelines.
Insurance management: Selection of insurance Company basis its service quality levels, recommend purchase of adequate insurance cover at the right price, take care of its timely renewals, just and quick settlement of all types of Insurance claims including Accidental repairs, Third Party person or Property, Theft, Total Loss and closure of all related formalities.
24X7 Emergency Roadside Assistance: Giving that complete confidence that your mobility is backed up all over India, call on 1800 210 8099 (24x7) or 0124-6623798, 365 days and help them with a few basic details to reach you for all the support and related services surrounding the situation keeping in view the safety of occupants.
Replacement Car: Need for an additional or a spare car for your seamless mobility through our preferred network adhering to the highest standards of compliance and vehicles driven by professionally trained chauffeurs.
Pick & Drop: Convenience of collecting the vehicle from your doorstep to then take it to the workshop and return upon completion of job- twice very year.
Chauffeur Management: Professionally trained chauffeurs on both driving and soft skills are deployed and their rostering adhering to the highest standards of compliance through an outsourced partner.
Vehicle Disposal: Maximising the Sale price & its realisation adhering to the highest standards of compliance with proper documentation. It also includes transfer of registration/Insurance and transfer of all risks to the new owner swiftly protecting the interest of the seller at all times.

3. Who can opt for FleetPro?

Any corporate who owns any vehicle(s) or otherwise has to manage it for their employees or for running business can opt for FleetPro.

4. My company already owns vehicles, what benefits does FleetPro offer?

FleetPro is a complete solution of convenience to Company, by way of outsourcing to a team of experts. With vehicles of multiple brands, multiple dealers/ suppliers, more technology in cars, different policies of OEM, multiple rules and regulations around ownership and its usage, having the right and adequate insurance cover, legal and financial risks arising out of vehicle use including Third Party claims, safety and convenience of the vehicle occupants are some of the several questions that companies have to deal with and a situation can even be an extreme one.
Instead of building this expertise within, to do the best at that time and that too in the right manner taking care of all possible implications, legal or Financial risks, it's prudent to have Avis take care of it all swiftly and professionally.
FleetPro, a bespoke solution ensures that interests of user, staff and Management of the company are always kept first at all times giving you that added confidence so that the company remains focussed on its own priorities.
The above saves valuable time & money and frees up resources that can be redeployed for other priorities.

5. My company wishes to buy new cars, how can FleetPro benefit my organisation?

Avis leverages on its strength to help Company decide the right vehicle suitable for the need, dealer selection, price negotiations, insurance coverage & its purchase, coordinate for registration & delivery, correct RC & compliant Tax documentation for any choice Make/Model anywhere in India.

6. My company wishes to sell existing cars, how can FleetPro benefit my organisation?

Maximisation of Sale price & realisation, safe custody & upkeep of vehicle during the process of sale, transfer of registration/Insurance and of all risks to the new owner swiftly with fully compliant sale documentation to conclude it all in a smooth manner.

7. Who pays for Dealer charges while buying cars,Workshop expenses towards service/repairs of vehicles and Agent charges in case of transfers?

All such expense are directly paid by Corporate to respective service provider, while Avis manages the delivery of services.

8. How FleetPro is different from leasing?

Under Leasing, vehicles are under ownership of Leasing company and also the Maintenance, Insurance and Resale related risks are borne by Avis while under FleetPro, the fleet is owned by the company and only facilitation part is managed on behalf of the company by Avis.

9. Why Avis over Competitors?

PAN India supplier with more than 98% customer satisfaction managing all your fleet related requirements for vehicle mobility right from its purchase, Services, Chauffeur & Telematics until its disposal.

10. What are Benefits to Corporates?

Avis has its own state of the art technology solution evolved over decades of experience in the Indian market. This advance tech solution provides your company the ability to centrally manage and monitor the company Fleet for better utilisation, optimisation control risks & costs and provide inputs for sharper budgeting. A highly data driven decision making approach through customisable reports helps to reduces risks and unpredictability that significantly redcues the friction points, improves organisational efficieny and finally the bottom-line.
A preventive vehicle maintenance ensures higher levels of safety of both the vehicle and its driver.
Helping corporate with data-driven decision making to control costs, risks, unpredictability and improve overall organisation efficiency and its bottom-line.

11. What is the minimum tenure of contract?

To derive the benefits to its maximum a 3 Years contract is highly recommended to as to complete cycle of services.

12. How do I avail services once I am on-boarded under FleetPro?

Avis online portal is used for all service bookings, insurance claims services, vehicle disposal services.