Mobility in your own car is the best way for you and your loved ones to move around enabling you to take care of your priorities. In addition, there is also a need to be totally self-reliant so you can be confident when on the move.

For your mobility, count on AVIS CARe a specialised solution for car owners of any vintage that helps to take care of anything and everything related to your mobility for you anytime, anywhere in India. A solution where experts at Avis are working on your side to consult, guide, supervise & execute all that is required by deploying highly trained resources ensuring the right job is done at the right time at right costs and that too within estimated timelines taking away all your concerns, worries, anxiety and avoidable unpleasant experiences while dealing with it all by yourself each time every time.

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Technical Assessment and Guidance

Our experts guide and help you manage your car's maintenance schedule and ensure that only the right jobs get done.

For seamless mobility it is critical to know what all work needs to be done on your car and when. Additionally, the car itself might need something more.

You will need an expert to help you make vital decisions like:

- Do I need to get everything recommended by the repairer?

- With whom can I validate this recommendation?

- Is this job urgent or can it be done later? Choosing between Urgent and Important

- Can I count on the repair shop to do a quality job?

Supervision for Car Work

Avis oversees all maintenance and repair tasks, ensuring that the jobs get done by OEM-authorized network and at the right cost.

You will need an expert to:

Select an authorised repairer and schedule an appointment

- Prioritise work for proper attention

- Ensure quality of work

- Verify completion of work within estimated timelines

- Verify the cost estimate and final invoice

Car Insurance Cover

This service covers the purchase of insurance cover and its timely renewal.

You will need an expert to:

- Decide on the necessary coverage to be included in the policy

- Select the right Insurance service provider

Insurance Claim Settlement

In the unfortunate event of insurance claim be it for an accident, damage, theft, attempted theft, total loss or cash loss and third party claims we assist with the claims process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

You will need an expert to:

- Advise on proceeding with a claim or not

- Guide you on providing correct, accurate, and complete documentation for a smooth and quick claim settlement

- Resolve queries to avoid delays/rejections in claim settlement

- Guide you in completing legal formalities like filing of FIR and any other documentation with any competent authority

- This service will be more useful while the car is in any outstation location

Pick-up and Return of Car

We deploy professionally trained drivers for the pick-up and return of your car, ensuring your peace of mind that it's always handled with care.

You will need an expert to:

- Ensure professionally trained drivers are deployed at all times

- Ensure the car is driven only as much as necessary

- Ensure fuel consumption is minimized

Replacement Car

For seamless mobility, we provide a replacement car

You will need an expert to:

- Source the replacement car from a quality supplier

- Deliver the car to your location on demand

- Ensure the car meets your needs and preferences

- At Avis Special Rates

24x7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

In the event that you get stranded due to the car breaking down, our team is available 24*7 to assist you the fastest possible time anywhere in India.

You will need an expert to:

- Take the right action to prioritize the safety of passengers and their belongings first

- Arrange Towing/ Crane / Hydra services at the location as maybe necessary

- Hotel stay & Onward travel assistance as per your need

- Hospital & Ambulance assistance if required

- Delivery of Fuel in case your vehicle runs out of it

- Repatriation of vehicle

- Flat Tyre – Replace with Spare

Additional benefits

- Special Deals on Tyre Purchases

- Up to 15% Discount on Navigation / Tracking Devices

- Up to 15% Discount on 3M Car Treatment

- Up to 30% Discount on Avis Rentals for Chauffeur-driven service across 17 cities in India

- Complimentary access to buy Avis Used Cars

- Discounted rates and prepaid options for self-drive vehicles across 170 countries

Special Packages

Technical Guidance & Supervision

Hassles Takenover & Predictable Schedule

Practical Solutions Minimising Cost and Control Risks

Coverage Avis CARe Plus Avis CARe Pro
Maintenance & Repairs Periodic Service & In Between Repairs Periodic Service & In Between Repairs + All Wear & Tear Items Under Normal Use
Pick & Drop City Limits City Limits + 50Kms Beyond City Limits
Car Salon Stay New Plan 3M High 7 Step
Insurance Claim Settlement Included Included
Tyres @ Avis Preferred Rates @ Avis Preferred Rates
Insurance Policy @ Avis Preferred Rates @ Avis Preferred Rates
Jobs Excluded @ Avis Preferred Rates @ Avis Preferred Rates
24*7 Emergency Roadside Assistance 3 Times/Yr 5 Times/Yr
On Site Repairs or Tow With Pre Custody City Limits All India
Connect to Hospital /Ambulance Yes Yes
Extraction of Car Yes - Pay By You On-Site Yes - Pay By You On-Site
Legal Guidance - Charges As Applicable
Replacement Car - Non Damage + Damage Repairs
Onward Journey With Car Repatriation - Taxi For First 50 Kms Is Included
Accommodation @ Network Hotel - 1 Night Stay Included

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We help you with the right thing, at the right time, in the right manner 24*7.

Preventive Maintenance & Repairs
Replacement Vehicle
Pick Up and Drop
Car Salon through 3M
24*7 Emergency Road Side Assistance through Allianz
Tyre Purchase Facility
Insurance Services
Replacement of Battery
CARe Package

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