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Shift towards car subscription model: Three benefits of leasing a car

For Indian consumers, car ownership is a status symbol. But now they're starting to realize that it also comes with a fair share of problems such as maintenance, insurance claims, breakdowns, unforeseen risks, changing regulations, etc. 

Therefore, consumers are now focusing more on mobility experience rather than car ownership, which led to a shift towards the car subscription model...

Avis India Launches AVIS Flexi 12

Avis India has been serving both retail and corporate customers through its wide array of short-term and long-term mobility solutions. Mr Sunil Gupta, Managing Director, Avis shared that Avis India has now come up with Flexi 12, a flexible alternative solution to shared or subscription mobility services. 

With this move, we're extending a safe and exclusive personal mobility experience to our customers, to corporate clientele and also cater to the retail market with its short-term commitment of only 12-months..

Car leasing/subscription:A boon during a pandemic?

With travel restrictions easing, people have started moving from one place to another keeping in view the required precautions. A car for personal use is the ideal solution that keeps you away from shared mobility, takes care of hygiene, safe travel, flexibility, convenience and the needed privacy. 

Therefore, leasing or subscription services are emerging as a viable option with a large number of commuters opting for them during the pandemic.