Safe Personal Mobility at your Convenience – that was always paramount and now is transformed to another level. In addition to high levels of hygiene, a radical shift towards less contact is the preferred way. Avis offers to employees of corporate “Flexi12“- The alternative solution to shared mobility or subscription.

The winning advantage is to simply use it for 12 months for a fixed rentals and always get to drive the latest launched car every 12 months:

    Some added benefits:
  • Get a New Car of your choice and switch to another one thereafter – all at 100% financing
  • Opt for the Kilometers that you need for 12 Months
  • Avis registers the car in its name – no hassles of ownership
  • Private Registration with Private Insurance Policy – just like your own car
  • Car stays exclusively with you for the contract, unlike subscription which may move from one to the other
  • No down payments, just a deposit is good
  • Commitment for 12 months only – no strings attached
  • Employees pool & share costs instead of using Subscription/ rental cars / shared transport
  • Ideal for staff on short projects or their temporary deployment
  • All services included and avail through the On Line Portal
  • Option to extend the period
  • Option to buy the car if you like it
  • Continue to avail tax break on the rentals

It brings for you all of the above with our contactless services bundled in, that already is enjoyed by over 5000 Senior Leaders in over 450 Corporate across India.

Advantage Flexi12
Detail Self Drive / Subscription FLEXI12
Age of Car Looks like new New
Odometer reading Already driven First User
Motor Vehicles Rules Semi Commercial / Commercial Private Car
Motor Insurance cover Strict on compliance & hassles Simple & Easy
Maintenance Standards Not sure As per OEM standards only
Vehicle movement Annoying at times Seamless
Service Levels We don't know Over 98% happy customers
Excess km Charges High Nominal
Option to Buyback Not preferred Yes
Extension Rates Same Lower

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