Online Bidding FAQ's

1. What is the site address?

It is

2. What is the registration process in AVIS online bidding portal?

Navigate to “Register Now”- “Create login Id” path, fill all the required details in order to complete the enrolment. You would be prompted to upload your KYC documents and a copy of cancelled cheque.
Upon successful registration, the “Password” will be sent directly on your “Registered Email ID”. You are advised to change the password and keep it confidential.
Note: Do not share your Log in ID and / or your password with anyone.

3. What are the registration charges?

For One time bidders it is INR 1000 for single vehicle with 1-year validity. For regular / repeat buyer, it is INR 10,000 for multiple vehicles and life time validity.

4. How much Refundable Security Deposit (RSD) is required?

Current RSD limits are-
RSD Amount (INR) Count of Vehicles allowed to bid
20,000 5
30,000 7
40,000 10
50,000 Unlimited & Premium Vehicles

Note: The above amounts are subject to revision with or without providing any prior intimation. You are advised to enquire prior to depositing the amount.

5. How do I claim back by RSD?

In case of successful winning bid, the amount equivalent to buyer fee would be deducted from your RSD amount. In the event of no winning bid, you can request the amount to be credited back to your bank account on the same day.
Note: Buyer can decide to keep the amount deposited in order stay eligible for upcoming events.

6. What are the mandatory KYC docs required?

PAN Card, Aadhar Card, GST Certificate copy (In case of firm- Partnership / Proprietorship) & Cancelled Cheque
Note: The valid document for GST certificate is REG-06. REG-25 is not a valid proof for GST certficate.

7. What details can I view for the vehicles which are listed?

The listed vehicles have the following details which you can see-
  • Before log-in-
  • Photographs of the vehicle
  • Age
  • Current Mileage
  • After log-in-
  • Complete vehicle details- Registration No, Year of Manufacturing, Engine & Chassis No
  • Ownership Count
  • RC & insurance status
  • Parking Location
  • Applicable buyer fee
  • Other special clauses
Note: The listed vehicles can be removed from the event at the discretion of Avis at any time. The responsibility to verify the RTO related details lies with you. You are suggested to physically inspect the vehicle before offering your bid during the event.

8. Can I buy a vehicle before bidding starts?

No, we do not support advance selling. Each vehicle is sold to the highest bidder as per bids submitted in the online event subject to approval of Avis.

9. What are the different modes in which I can bid for the vehicle (s)?

  • You can choose anyone of the below ways to bid
  • By logging in to the portal through your log-in credentials
  • Through SMS from your registered mobile number with us
  • Proxy bidding (System bids on behalf of you as per your instructions)

10. What notifications and communications will I receive from the system?

  • Our automated system keeps you updated during the entire event. After successful registration on the portal, you will receive alerts on-
  • User ID activation
  • Event Schedule & inspection dates
  • Event commencement (2 alerts – 24 Hrs & 2 Hrs prior to commencement of event)
  • Event is LIVE communication
  • Outbid alerts
  • Event extension alerts
  • Incorrect bid received

There are various other alerts also designed to your convenience.

Note: You are suggested to ensure the functioning of the equipment at your end in order to register your bid as Avis cannot bid on your behalf in any case.

11. What are the applicable charges in case I back-out after receiving the winning bid notification?

The entire Refundable Security Deposit (RSD) will be forfeited in such case and will also result in suspension of your bidder ID from the portal.
Note: Repeated instances of back-out after winning bid may result into black-listing.

12. How much will I be required to pay as buyer fee’s?

Buyer fee applicable is currently 2% (Excl of GST) on the approved sale value.
Note: Sale value of INR 10 Lacs onwards, additional 1% TCS charges are applicable.

13. When do we get the sale approval?

Within 2 to 4 working days.

14. In how much time the Payment of the vehicles is to be made?

Within 48 Hours after sale confirmation through a winning bid mailer from Avis

15. How should I make the payment and where will I get seller’s bank account details?

You have to make payments through online channel only. Avis bank account details are mentioned in the winning bid mailer where you have to remit the payment.
Note: Any other mode of payment apart from online transfer is subject to prior approval from Avis.

16. When can I take delivery of the vehicle once I have made the payments?

Delivery of the vehicle is confirmed to you by Avis post confirmation of payment by Avis. The delivery is done ONE banking day or after you remit the payment.
Note: You are suggested to wait for the payment receipt confirmation for vehicle handover to you.

17. What documents will I need to carry at the time of vehicle delivery?

  • At the time of delivery, following documents are mandatory for vehicle handover to you-
  • Copy of winning bid communication and authorization from Avis for handing over the vehicle
  • Duly signed and sealed ‘Delivery Note’ (Sent along with the winning bid mailer to you)
  • Indemnity Bond on INR 100.00 stamp paper from buyer
Note: The date on the indemnity bond has to be mandatorily either on the day or earlier than the date of payment by yourself.

18. Can anyone apart from me take the delivery of the vehicle?

  • Yes- A person nominated by you can take delivery of the vehicle subject to-
  • Prior intimation from you along with nominee’s ID proof details and acknowledged by Avis
  • Nominee to mandatorily carry authorization letter (On letter head in case of firm) in original along with other KYC documents
Note: The date on the indemnity bond has to be mandatorily either on the day or earlier than the date of payment by yourself.

19. When will I get the NOC and other documents required to transfer the vehicle to end buyer?

Upon complete and accurate submission of all required documents, Avis shall issue the NOC in 15-21 days
Note: NOC issuance is subject to availability of complete buyer and registration details

20. Do I need to submit the transferred RC of the vehicle once it is registered in the end buyer’s name?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the person / firm to share the proof of transferred RC with-in 90-120 days from the date of issuance of NOC.
Note: Teansferred RC, if not submitted may result in cancellation of your bidder ID permanently at the discretion of Avis.