Manufacturers Owners Manual specifies all care that the leased vehicle needs including it warranty terms and conditions, using the vehicle and its several features that you preferred while making your choice and its preventive maintenance schedule to derive the best out of your vehicle. To further enhance your driving experience, there are several needs that is offered by Avis Lease.

Red Carpet Lease

(Full Service Operational Lease)
  • Avis Assistance
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Pick up & Drop
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Stay New plan

Premium Lease

(Flexible Operational Lease )
  • Avis Assistance
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Pick up & Drop (Optional)
  • Replacement Vehicle (Optional)
  • Stay New plan (Optional)

Executive Lease

(Limited Operational Lease)
  • Avis Assistance
  • Insurance (Optional)
  • Maintenance
  • Pick up & Drop
  • Replacement Vehicle
  • Stay New plan
  • Fleet Advisory

    Mobility needs within corporate vary depending upon the role of the employee, of the team to achieve the objectives

  • Quick Mobility Service

    Vehicle can be provided to a new hire from day one can Wow them or for personnel deployed on deputation or secondment

  • Vehicle Acquisition

    More options mean more time, information and discussions with loved ones in order to finalise the car

  • Repairs and Maintenance

    Vehicle repairs and maintenance, both planned and unplanned arising out of normal wear and tear is included in this service

  • Pick up and Drop

    Whenever your car has to go for servicing or for repair, a qualified driver would be deployed to pick up the vehicle

  • Stay New Plan

    Looking after your vehicle on a daily basis is something that you already do. A quality job of complete interior cleaning

  • Damage Repair Management

    In the unfortunate event of any damage to the car, always keep in mind that “life and personal safety of passengers”

  • Avis Assist

    Drive worry free anywhere as our 24 X 7 road side assistance service is there to provide with you with all assistance

  • Uninterrupted Mobility

    Car needs to visit the workshop which sometimes is planned or unplanned and sometimes it just stays longer than

  • Vehicle Disposal

    New car launches, new technologies, introduction of new features and you are eager to get behind its wheels

  • Total Loss Retention

    In an event of vehicle total loss or theft, instead of dealing with the uncertain coverage of risks, we offer

  • Tyres Service

    Tyre replacements as per need is included. Specialised care is necessitated to derive maximum life from the tyres

  • Hydrostatic Lock Coverage

    In order to provide complete & hassle free leasing solutions to our customers we offer this service as part of total

  • Registration Service

    Once the car is received at the Avis preferred supplier and upon receiving the basic and required documentation from

  • Accessories / Other value added services

    Accessorizing your car is easy. Just choose from a range of authorized accessories

  • Insurance cover

    Car insurance provided by our partners are designed to make life easier for you. It provides transparent service for both

  • Field Technician Support

    We strongly believe in proactive approach towards managing our leased fleet. This not only brings down the chances

  • Vehicle Return

    The process is automated enabling all related communications well in advance which helps you to make informed decision