How to Reduce The Cost and Hassles of Car Ownership

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In today’s time, shared or public transportation is best avoided, making car ownership necessary. Cars are imperative to the seamless functioning of our daily lives but they too need tender care that can leave a big hole in our pockets or leave us high and dry or both when you are totally counting on it. While owning and maintaining a vehicle is a costly affair, the stress of finding the right car repair services and depending on that decision only makes it worse and even after all that you can never be sure.

Owning a car is far more taxing on one’s finances, with over eager workshops, inflated jobs and estimates, short-cut, quick-fix repairs, costly insurance premiums and yet unsatisfactory claim settlements. The whole process only makes you feel small plus incurs additional costs while not having your own car, parking fees tolls, and traffic summons quickly add up. Once you get your new ride out of the showroom, these bills never stop coming. The point is this: cars are easy to buy but hard to own, so some strategy is in order.

We understand the importance of car servicing and the costs involved in maintaining your vehicle. Therefore, we’ve brought you a one-stop solution that takes care of all your needs and that of your car’s. Our uniquely designed CARe package offers you absolute convenience and helps you save on your car maintenance services expense.

Here’s how it can help you to reduce the cost and stress of car ownership:


  • Find You a Trusted Mechanic—Before You Need One:

Mechanics are like doctors, so you tend to ignore them until you need one. But at that point, you’re already in a desperate situation, and most mechanics take advantage of it. In these situations, you need an expert to supervise that mechanic and whose only objective is to safeguard your interest, which is why we have selected workshops to ensure quality, reputation, response and accountability for the work done.

Once you face any issue surrounding your car, we already know the best resources to deploy as per the requirement that too at Avis preferred rates and within timelines. Therefore, we can save you hours of searching and potentially thousands in unnecessary repairs.

  • Organize Your Paperwork and Know the Terms

To control your car ownership costs in check, you also need to keep your insurance and claim paperwork in check. It can save you from countless would-be phone calls with the insurance company to know if the damage would be covered or not. But that’s easier said than done!

Therefore, having an expert to take care of all the paperwork you need in an emergency will work wonders for your stress level and your bank account. We make sure that all is within your reach at a moment’s notice and also dispatch a team of experts to take care of all.

While we’re at it, we also help you with your eligibility for monetary relief in the event of damages. And when your insurance expires, we also offer car insurance renewal services to find you the best deal possible regarding insurance terms, deductibles and claim settlements.

  • Help You with Preventive Maintenance:

While it’s tempting to save some money by skipping routine car maintenance services appointments, it usually results in expensive repairs later on. For example, a routine schedule can bring to your attention leaking engine oil or cracked coolant pipes early when minimum or no damage has been done.

If left undetected, these faults will result in seized pistons, which will require full engine overhauls to rectify. That’s why we offer routine servicing and checks at a controlled cost, which is better than paying for more repairs after something has broken down.

None of us knows what lies around the corner. Unforeseen situations due to improper advice, not getting the right guidance at the right time, apart from breakdowns or accidents can leave you and your family facing tremendous emotional and financial stress. But with AVIS CARe in place, you or your family’s mobility is always secured so you can focus on living your lives better.

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