Get Your Car Prepared for The Seen and The Unforeseen with CARe.

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In today’s world, we all have contingency plans in place to deal with everything that may come our way. But when it comes to our cars, we tend to look for the easy way. While insurance and most car service packages might save us from some of the things that could go wrong on the road, they won’t cover for us when our cars are simply refusing to budge in the middle of the road and we’re left stranded unexpectedly.

Our vehicle remains with us most of the time, and many things come up and catch us off guard like rats cutting through the electrical wires. Therefore, having immediate access to an expert in these sticky situations has become a necessity in our everyday lives. For better or worse, we all depend on them. Whether it’s to deal with roadside breakdowns, car care services, legal or insurance claims, having an expert in your corner always comes in handy when things go sideways.

But until now, you have had to deal with several vendors to prepare for all the situations that you can’t control on the road. And when they do happen, it still might not be enough. Therefore, AVIS has brought a one-stop solution for you that takes complete care of yours along with all needs of your car. Not only does it always keep your car in operational mode, but also provides you with expert guidance and assistance so you can drive anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, it will improve the overall car ownership experience with complete guidance and optimum convenience. With our fully maintained car service packages, we arrange everything for you on your behalf – right from purchase of appropriate insurance cover to its maintenance/repairs & insurance claim settlements, breakdown assistance and everything in-between, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Avis CARe provides you with benefits even better than every other alternative:

  • Guidance on vehicle performance as and when required, including vehicle safety, potential risks and costs
  • Preventive car maintenance from selected workshop to obtain optimum performance from the car
  • Car battery replacement is arranged at your maximum convenience
  • Car repair under expert watch to ensure quality, reputation, response and accountability for the work done. It includes disputes and fair settlements in grey areas like failures in Engine / Transmission Assemblies or components that are otherwise expected to last a lifetime.
  • 3M car salon at periodic intervals for superior look and finish of the vehicle
  • A qualified driver to pick up the car and to take necessary instructions.
  • Upon completion, the car is dropped back at the requested address, thereby eliminating the hassles of coordination, related paperwork and unpredictability.
  • In case of an insurance claim – then additional staff, insurance surveyor, additional documentation that is accurate enough to see the claim through swiftly without delays
  • Breakdowns assistance and crane services plus related support for a hotel stay or onward movement or hospital
  • Total support and guidance in any location, which can be the middle of nowhere or any other city
  • Appropriate and adequate insurance cover at the right price and its renewals
  • Swift and justified settlement of insurance claims
  • Legal assistance/guidance as and when required
  • Seamlessly managing your schedule without your car both in the planned and unforeseen circumstance
  • The efficiency of the entire process + convenience of time taken to get all the above done
  • Added benefits of Avis in over 170 Countries to make your drives even better

In addition, you get exclusive access to special products to help even beyond the contracted car service packages should you or anyone else that you feel needs it, thus giving you peace of mind associated with the AVIS brand.

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