Buy exclusive & well maintained range of lease returned cars.

Online Bidding FAQ's

1. What is the site address?

The lease returned inventory is available for viewing at Used Car Sale

2. What is the registration process in AVIS Off Lease Car Sale bidding portal?

Click on “Sign Up” link provided on the home page. Fill your details and upload the mandatory documents as listed depending upon your ‘Entity Type’.

Choose from various payment option for paying the ‘Registration Fee’ and you are done.

    - Post successful registration, your log in ID shall be activated in 48 hours and you shall receive an e-mail on your registered mail ID
    confirming the same.

    - Never share your Log in ID and Password with any other individual.

3. What are the mandatory KYC document’s required?

Entity Type Mandatory KYC Documents
Individual PAN Card, Aadhar Card *
*Current address should be mentioned in Aadhar card
Broker/Trader Buyer Partnership Firm/PVT LTD Company
    - PAN Card, GST Certificate (REG-06)
    - Copy of Board Resolution
Proprietorship Firm
    - Aadhar Card, PAN Card, GST Certificate (REG-06) of Proprieter
    - Copy of Shop & Establishment Certificate (IF GST un-registered)

4. What are the registration charges?

A very nominal fee can get you un-limited access for a period of 12 months from the date of activation.

Entity Type Registration Amount (Incl Taxes)
Individual 499.00
Broker/Trader Buyer 4999.00

Note: The above amounts are subject to revision with or without providing any prior intimation.

5. How much Refundable Security Deposit (RSD) is required?

Currently, there are no RSD charges that is being levied by Avis Lease.

6. What are the different modes in which I can bid for the vehicle (s)?

You shall have access to following details before Log-In-
  1. • Make & Model including Fuel Type
  2. • Photographs
  3. • Age of vehicle
  4. • Masked Reg. Number
Post Log-In, following details are available for our bidders-
  1. • Complete details on Reg. Number, Year of Manufacturing, Engine & VIN Number, Current KM’s, Fuel & Transmission
  2. • Ownership Serial Number
  3. • RC & Insurance status
  4. • Parking Location
  5. • Other special clauses
  1. - The listed vehicles can be removed from the event at the discretion of Avis without assigning any reason and at any point of time during listing, bidding or thereafter
  2. - The responsibility to verify the RTO related details lies with the bidder.
  3. - Avis on a best effort basis clears for any traffic challans, fines dues. It is recommended to also re-verify from your side as well to satisfy yourself so that transfer of RC to the new owner is not hampered.
  4. - Bidders are expected to physically inspect the vehicle before offering bids during the event in order to prevent any ambiguities later on.
  5. - By bidding for vehicle (s), you confirm that you have inspected the vehicle (s) to your satisfaction and have also checked all relevant documentation. No separate query or observations on shortfall shall be entertained subsequently.
  6. - Sale of vehicles is on as is where is basis

7. Can I buy a vehicle before bidding starts?

No, we do not support advance selling. Every vehicle is awarded to the highest bidder as per bids submitted in the online event subject to approval of Avis.

8. What are the different modes in which I can bid for the vehicle (s)?

We accept bids only through the AVIS Off Lease Car Sale bidding portal.

However, Avis is continuously developing new technological capacities in order to make the bidder process simpler and faster.

9. What notifications and communications will I receive from the system?

Our automated system keeps you updated during the entire event. After successful registration on the portal, you will receive alerts on-
  1. • User ID activation
  2. • Event Schedule & inspection dates
  3. • Several alerts to ensure you don’t miss buying your favourite car

In addition to the above, there are some new and exciting communication’s which Avis Lease is working on to bring you the best ownership experience of your used car purchase.

    - Bidders are advised to ensure the functioning of the IT related equipment at their end in order to register bids
    - Avis Lease does not have any access of any bidder’s credentials

10. What are the applicable charges in case I back-out after receiving the winning bid notification?

The token amount of INR 20,000.00 shall be forfeited by the winning bidder in case of back-out after receiving the bid-winner communication from Avis.

Note: Avis reserves the right to block the Log in ID of any bidder in case of back out.

11. How much will I be required to pay as buyer fee’s?

There is no separate buyer fee that is currently being charged. The bid value posted by bidders during the online event remains the committed amount.

12. When do we get the sale approval?

The bid-winner notification is sent on e-mail to the registered E-Mail ID of the winning bidder within 3-4 working days’ post completion of event.

13. In how much time the Payment of the vehicles is to be made?

The winning bidder has to deposit a token amount of INR 20,000.00 on the date of receiving the bid winner notification mail from Avis. This is to confirm vehicle allocation to the winning bidder.

Full balance payment is required within 2 banking days from the date of bid winner notification.

Note: No payment is to be made without receipt of proper authorization from Avis.

14. How should I make the payment and where will I get seller’s bank account details?

The bid winner notification mail sent to winning bidder has Mercury Car Rentals Pvt Ltd (MCRPL) bank details where the car sale payment needs to be remitted.
Only online transfer payment modes (NEFT/RTGS) are allowed for payment remittance. Any other mode of payment is strictly not allowed.
  1. 1. Bidders are advised against depositing cash to MCRPL’s bank account under any circumstances.
  2. 2. All payments in totality are to be done by the winning bidder only

15. When can I take delivery of the vehicle once I have made the payments?

Confirmation to proceed for physical delivery of vehicle is communicated through E-Mail from Avis. Post receipt of this mail, the winning bidder shall be handed over physical custody of the vehicle.
The delivery is done ONE banking day post the full payment is remitted to Avis and a mail confirmation from Avis is received by the winning bidder.
  1. 1. Bidders are advised to check for the payment receipt confirmation before proceeding for vehicle handover
  2. 2. Upon taking delivery of the vehicle – the vehicle should only be in custody of, driven by the authorised persons of the buyer only until the ownership is transferred into the new buyer’s name. Any risks arising during this time shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer and as such Avis reserves the right to share the details of the buyer with any statutory or competent authority as may be demanded by them in compliance of the law of the land.

16. What documents will I need to carry at the time of vehicle delivery?

At the time of delivery, following documents are mandatory for vehicle handover to you-
  1. • Copy of winning bid communication and authorization from Avis for handing over the vehicle
  2. • Duly signed and sealed ‘Delivery Note’ (Sent along with the bid winner mail)
  3. • Indemnity Bond on INR 100.00 stamp paper from buyer
  4. • Insurance policy from the date of taking custody of vehicle from Avis
Note: The date on the indemnity bond has to be mandatorily either on the day or earlier than the date of payment by the bidder.

17. Can anyone apart from me take the delivery of the vehicle?

Yes- A person nominated by you can take delivery of the vehicle subject to-
  1. • Prior intimation from you along with nominee’s ID proof details and acknowledged by Avis
  2. • Nominee to mandatorily carry authorization letter (On letter head in case of firm) in original along with other KYC documents

18. When will I get the NOC and other documents required to transfer the vehicle to end buyer?

Upon complete and accurate submission of all required documents, Avis shall issue the NOC in upto 3 weeks

Note: NOC issuance is subject to availability of complete buyer and registration details

19. Do I need to submit the transferred RC of the vehicle once it is registered in the end buyer’s name?

Yes, it is the responsibility of the person / firm to share the proof of transferred RC with-in 90-120 days from the date of issuance of NOC.

Note: Transferred RC, if not submitted may result in cancellation of your bidder ID permanently at the discretion of Avis.