Buy exclusive & well maintained range of lease returned cars.


1. I just got a new vehicle delivered - Can I avail of these benefits?

Car within 6 months from its date of delivery and within 10,000kms on the odometer

2. I have an older car - Can I avail of these benefits?

Car of any age / mileage is good, however, total disclosure on a) Pre-existing issues, b) History of vehicle repairs and repairer details, c) Other relevant information impacting vehicle performance.

3. What is the tenure and kilometers of the contract?

Its 12 months or in multiple of 12 months and opt from 10,000/ 15,000 / 20,000 / 25,000 kms. Contract shall end on date of expiry or kms whichever occurs earlier.

4. How do I pay and when does I start availing these benefits?

Its easy online payment through NEFT/RTGS/ IMPS only and the services can be availed from the 5th day from date of payment upon receipt of activation mail from us.

5. Does this plan offer any tax benefit?

You can claim the tax benefit for payments made for the service contract as vehicle maintenance expenses from your company, however, it's prudent to double check

6. How do I avail maintenance services?

You can schedule for repairs at any of Avis Preferred workshops through our easy online portal.

7. Can I avail services in another city?

Services can be availed anywhere in India through Avis easy online portal within its preferred network. Please check services availability on the portal before heading out from your base

8. Will I get reimbursed for any costs spent on services that are part of the contract?

Where part of contract, you are entitled for reimbursement of costs on fair assessment by Avis subject to the bill taken out in the name of ‘Mercury Car Rentals Private Limited’

9. Do I get preferential rates if I renew my car Insurance Policy?

You get the advantage of ‘Special Pricing’ through Avis preferred insurance partner.

10. Does Avis help me to choose from various available insurance risks cover?

All advice and guidance from experts is available to you to select the most suitable risks coverage at the most competitive pricing best suited to your needs.

11. What do I do in case of damage to vehicle?

Call Avis to drive the process speedily from lodging of claim, successful & timely completion of survey, commence repairs, to ensure the vehicle is back with you in the fastest possible time.

12. Do I get cashless services at the time of damage repairs?

You only have to remit the difference between the workshop bill & insurance settlements referred to as depreciation or deductibles separately electronically through Avis

13. Do I get preferential rates if I buy tyres through Avis?

You get the advantage of ‘Special Pricing’ through Avis preferred partner.

14. What if my car undergoes Damage claims/Theft/ Total Loss or Third Party claims?

Avis provides all possible assistance from claim registration to its settlement. Interactions with law enforcement agencies /legal/ any other competent authority to be done by its registered owner including filing of FIR, Clearances/ No Trace Certificate / release of Superdari from police/ court. For third party claims, the insurance company guides and takes over, depending upon the case.

15. What happens to the existing warranty of the vehicle if I buy these packages?

The existing warranty does not get hampered.

16. What are the additional charges, in case of vehicle or jobs required is out of warranty?

Avis preferred rates applies to jobs outside warranty which is facilitated by Avis

17. Doesn’t extended warranty cover these already?

Extended warranty covers only those repairs that occur due to a manufacturing defect during the period of cover and does not cover the regular jobs including wear and tear

18. Does Avis provide a loaner car?

The convenience of a loaner car whenever your car is in workshop is included for your use within normal city limits/ adjoining suburbs only.

19. Do I have to pay any charges for use of loaner car and when do I pay them?

Toll, fuel and parking charges is payable by you at location. Fuel, however, to be topped up just prior to release of the car. Preferential rates apply for any outstation travel, overnight stays or for requirements over and above the contract, in any city where this service is active and all such payments are to be made in advance to Avis.

20. What happens in case of car breakdown?

24X7 Assistance number 1800-210-8099 where the team immediately springs into action to help

21. What additional support is provided in case of breakdown down?

  • Avis provides you
  • Reliable guidance & support when needed most for safety of passengers
  • Person takes custody of car on case basis & you continue ahead quickly while support arrives
  • Fuel top-up upto 5 ltrs
  • Flat Tyre - replace spare at site and purchase new or repair puncture on chargeable basis
  • Taxi/ Hotel/ Travel/ Ambulance/ Crane/ Hydra/ Lawyer arrangements on actual costs

22. Do I get benefit of un-utilized services?

Un-utilized maintenance services/ repairs and car salon services only, can be availed if the contract is renewed prior to expiry of the contract.

23. What are the exclusions under these packages?

  • Repairs including consequential shall be dealt @ Avis special rates and is outside the contract:
  • Non-adherence to the manufacturer guidelines leading to any vehicle damage
  • Battery for electric/ hybrid, wood/chrome finish, decals, damaged wiper arm/ blades
  • Scratches that cannot be taken care by polishing but touch up or repainting is required
  • Repair of improper repairs carried out or attempted to do so
  • Modifications/unauthorized fitments /parts/ components/ fuels/ oils/ lubes/ additives
  • Driving with a warning light on, foreign matter entry, loose items inside the car/ boot, radio interference, radioactivity, hazardous materials, less than careful driving in extreme conditions/bad roads/ sea water/fuel error /floods /snow or sleet /deflated tyre, damaging underbody/ steering / suspension/ wheels/ tyres.
  • Crane/Hydra/special transportation/ Retrieval & Toll, fuel/incidental charges

24. How can I opt out of the contract?

After payment and before activation, however, only 90% of the amount paid is refunded.